We Enjoyed Papercon 2016, in Cincinnati

TAPPI’s 101’s year was celebrated with the annual conference in Cincinnati, and Doug and Jacqui Sweet had a booth at the exhibit (see photo).  We featured our specialty gauges and included new graphics with the help of our daughter Carrie and her husband Sam.  Yes, Jacqui had her cookies, with a couple new recipes.  The Papermaking track had a theme of “Who is going to do?”  It might sound a little strange, but International Paper had a Vietnamese engineer who ended a strategy and planning meeting saying, “we make, lists, we make lists, but who is going to do?”  This question made sense and made a good theme.  Carrie created a little “do list” note pad to hand out.

Our next event will be our 15 year anniversary celebration in Birmingham!  Well, we lasted longer than the DeLorean Motor Company.  We will post a few photos of that event.

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